Life Care Planning & Analysis

Life Care Plan

The Life Care Plan is a document prepared by a Certified Nurse Life Care Planner (CNLCP). The report is a detailed, easy to follow document which summarizes a plaintiff’s life time care needs by providing projected costs to the individual’s care in areas such as evaluation and treatment, therapies, equipment and supplies, aids to promote independence, home or facility care, transportation, home modifications and future medical/ surgical care over the injured party’s anticipated life expectancy. Projected costs and services are validated with medical records, local healthcare providers and published peer reviewed literature and data. Services may include an onsite nursing assessment of the injured party, the living environment and family and/ or support care in collaboration with treating healthcare providers. The Life Care Plan document provides future medical costs and allows the client an independent guide toward settlement or other legal proceedings.

Planning Analysis and Critique

A Certified Nurse Life Care Planner may also review a submitted Life Care Plan for appropriateness and accuracy. The review is an independent extensive process of the individual’s care needs and projected costs for the anticipated life expectancy. An analysis of all available medical records, independent validation of costs and services and when appropriate consultation with the injured party and the treating healthcare providers. Based on the accepted standards of practice in Nurse Life Care Planning, the analysis will allow the parties a process toward a fair resolution of the claim.