Legal Nurse Consulting

The Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC) is available to assist plaintiff or defense attorneys in cases associated with personal injury (slip and falls, wrongful death, motor vehicle or motorcycle collisions), product liability (including pharmaceuticals, environmental toxin and medical devices), medical and dental malpractice, social security disability, risk management, forensic/ criminal litigation. Other services may include: assistance with organization of medical records, assisting the legal team in drafting legal pleadings with medical information, summarization reports of medical records, facilitate communication with the legal team with development of collaborative case strategies, medical-legal research, attendance at defense medical examinations, assist with discovery issues, deposition, trial preparation and preparation of demonstrative medical evidence.

In criminal cases, a Certified Forensic Nurse (CFN) can assist law enforcement officials with review and analysis of medical evidence, crime scene investigation; serve as a fact witness and liaison with medical experts by

This designation demonstrates to the nursing professional’s colleagues, patients, clients, employers and the health care community that he or she has an extensive base of knowledge and education, direct professional experience and a commitment to continuing education and excellence within the forensic nursing profession. The CFN designation helps to contribute to the weight and relevance of the Certified Forensic Nurse’s testimony and the applicability of the evidence the nurse presents in a court of law.