DLR Associates

Certified Nurse Life Care Planner (CNLCP®), MS, BSN, RN, LNCC®, CCDS

Cost effective and timely comprehensive nurse consultation services to law firms, health care providers, insurance companies, and government agencies. Over 40 Years of Professional Nursing Experience

DLR Associates is an independent forensic nursing consulting practice providing a professional, objective and cost-effective comprehensive review and development process to medical-legal issues. Clients may include law firms, insurance companies, governmental agencies or physician groups, located either regionally or nationally. We assist our clients by making the burden of a medical case simple by providing assistance to make an informed decision on the case. Our services are tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Certified Nurse Life Care Planning

The life care plan is a comprehensive document summarizing a plaintiff’s lifetime care needs, both medical and nonmedical, by providing projected future costs for the individual’s care. The plan is validated through medical record reviews, communication with healthcare providers and published peer reviewed literature and cost anyalysis data. Services may include an onsite nursing assessment of the injured party, the living environment and family and/ or support care in collaboration with treating healthcare providers. The life care plan goal is to provide support so as the client can be as independent in the activities of daily living as the condition permits.

A Certified Nurse Life Care Planner may review a submitted life care plan for appropriateness of services and needs. The analysis will analyze the projected costs for reasonable and necessary as it relates to the individual’s injury or illness. An analysis of all available medical records, independent validation of costs and services and when appropriate, consultation with the injured party and the treating healthcare providers. Based on the accepted standards of practice in nurse life care planning, the analysis will allow the parties a process toward a fair resolution of the claim.

Medical Cost Projections

To expedite your case through a maze of future medical treatments and care, the Certified Nurse Life Care Planner can provide a complete analysis of future medical care with its associated projected costs. The analysis is based on medical record reviews, billing statements, identification of past and current medical care associated with treatment, equipment and supplies, medication, home or facility care for the individual’s life expectancy. By providing future medical cost projections, it will allow the client to plan for future medical care when working with estate planning, long term care needs and available resources that the client may need in the future.

Legal Nurse Consultant

The Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC) provides assistance to both plaintiff and defense attorneys in cases associated with personal injury (slip and falls, wrongful death, motor vehicle or motorcycle collisions), product liability (including pharmaceuticals, environmental toxin and medical devices), medical and dental malpractice, social security disability, risk management, and forensic/ criminal litigation.

Other services may include: assistance with medical record organization and chronology of events, assisting the legal team in drafting legal pleadings with medical information, summarization reports of medical records, facilitate communication with the legal team with development of collaborative case strategies, medical-legal research, attendance at defense medical examinations, assist with discovery issues, deposition, trial preparation and preparation of demonstrative medical evidence. In criminal cases, a Certified Forensic Nurse (CFN) can assist law enforcement officials with review and analysis of medical evidence, crime scene investigation; serve as a fact witness and liaison with medical experts.

Clinical Documentation Integrity

The clinical documentation integrity specialist (CCDS) is a liaison between the healthcare providers and the coders who review the medical record for billing purposes. The specialist reviews a chart and provides education to the healthcare providers on specificity of medical diagnoses and procedure codes in both inpatient and outpatient settings. This allows the coder to bill the specificity accurately for the appropriate reimbursement to the facility. When diagnoses and/ or procedures are lacking specificity, the specialist will query the healthcare provider for clarification of the diagnosis or procedure. The specialist can also review a chart for billing and diagnosis code for accuracy. This process ensures compliance with the regulatory agencies for both government and private insurance entities.